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We Are What We See

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

"We are what we see." That was the title of a public art exhibit seen a few years ago in New Orleans. Its photography-based displays became one of the inspiration points for the Focalpoint(!) Project. The series featured locally-contributed images mounted in storefront display windows, partially hidden by mirrored film that invited pedestrians to look through transparent letters for a glimpse of the photos.

So what do we see in our own community in 2020? Our contributing photographers are answering that with their unique perspectives. The launch of this new website is one way to share their artistry; another medium is the forthcoming Focalpoint(!) Project book. Community partner Ghost Town Arts Collective is collaborating on the book design and production. Its pages will feature approximately 100 photos that have been selected from among the hundreds of entries. Commentary and biographies of the photographers will be included. More information about the book will be shared at the end of September.

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